RossPharma New and dynamic company

We are engaged in research and development in the medical industry, medical devices and cosmeceuticals. RossPharma develops, manufactures and markets innovative pharmaceutical treatments, medical devices for the prevention and treatment of most common diseases. For more than a year, the company is committed to a plan of global expansion in to international markets through partnership with best-in-class distributors. RossPharma products are now present in over 15 countries in Europe and the Middle East, soon to expanding in to the USA, Asia and Japan.

The company, ROSSPHARMA, has all the certification and compliance systems in place to import and export pharmaceuticals (ETC), medical devices, OTC and cosmetics. ROSSPHARMA is always looking for partnerships with foreign companies who want to bring their products to Italy and with foreign companies who want to obtain our products.

The team

Our success is made possible by a group of highly qualified, competent and experienced Professionals with long experience in the skin care industry.