Alga from the Atlantic Ocean for innovative anti-aging cosmetics

Brand-new instant treatment to remove the first signs of skin aging. What is it: a serum with total vegetable complexes, with a unique effect and a double immediate action. It is the first serum with dual botox-like effect and filler-like permanence with achieved results comparable to interventions of classical cosmetic surgery. With validation obtained from one of the most prestigious Italian universities, plus 7 years of research and product development. The D&U Serum Skin Program was originally created for cosmetic surgeon as a non-invasive alternative to filler and botox injection treatments. The immediate and intense smoothing, firming and lifting effect is due to a unique, patented blend of hyaluronic acid, Nannochloropsis oculata (a marine alga or seaweed, harvested deep in the Atlantic Ocean), and other plant extracts.