Treatment and prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars (surgical or traumatic). Prevention of acne scars. Treatment of stretch marks . CicatRoss is also indicated after removal of moles, warts, after burns, accidental injuries, and after tattoo removal. CicatRoss cream is used in the healed wound or only just after the removal of the stitches , it reduces redness and makes the scar thinner, elastic, and less visible. The effectiveness of the cream is verified by substantial clinical studies. After three or six months of treatment with two applications per day, it will help to significantly improve the appearance of the scar and prevent the formation of keloids. CicatRoss cream, thanks to its moisturizing and emollient properties, it is also indicated after a session of radiotherapy to prevent irritation caused by the ionized rays: slight erythema, hot, red and stretched skin, with dry desquamation and glandular secretion reduced (skin classification grade 0 or grade 1).

  • Ingredientas:Aloe vera 200:1 soothing, antiinflammatory, facilitate wound healing Masterwort extract: it gives elasticity to the skin, restructuring and revitalizing it Allantoin: It moisturize and facilitate wound healing Sweet Almond Oil: emollient and protective Glycerin: humectant and moisturizer Shea Butter: emollient and nourishing.

Cicatros Repairing Facial Serum

Shock treatment specific as anti-aging, anti marks, acne and scars from acne. Radical attack on the problem: results in just 2 months of treatment Vegetable Synergy: Aloe vera, Masterwort, Calendula and Extract of licorice Stimulates the activity of Fibroblasts Intense Action Rejuvenation and skin smoothness It restores and refines the epidermal The skin is again elastic, toned, firm and smooth.

  • Ingredients: Aloe vera 200:1 soothing, antiinflammatory, facilitate wound healing Masterwort extract: it gives elasticity to the skin, restructuring and revitalizing it Glycolic acid: smoothing and exfoliating in the surface Urea: enhances the moisturizing power of the vegetable complex Calendula extract, soothing and calming Glycyrrhetinic acid (licorice extract), anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and emollient.


Shock therapy that attenuates stretch marks, actively stimulates a deep slimming and firming skin renewal in the presence of stretch marks, pregnancy (from the first month), postpregnancy, lactation, puberty, slimming therapies. Radical attack on the problem:results in only two months of treatment Vegetal synergy: Aloe Vera, Masterwort, Calendula and Equisetum. Stimulates the activity of Fibroblasts, Riproduction of the four large proteins of the dermis Restores the correct amount of Elastic fibers. The skin is again elastic, tonic and solid.

  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera 200:1, soothing, antiinflammatory, firming, anti stretch marks Masterwort extract: It gives elasticity, restructuring and revitalizing your skin. A llantoin: for hydration and healing. Sweet almond oil: emollient, protective, promotes elasticity. Calendula Extract: soothing, calming. Equisetum Extract: It gives firmness and elasticity. Shea Butter: emollient and nourishing.