Algae Line

From the heart of nature, your Skin line, four products for global protection against oxidative stress

All in One

Serum with intense and immediate smoothing effect, firming and lifting, for face, neck and decolletè.

The expert answers

  • Water is an essential element for the health and wellbeing of the skin; cleansing and hydration are essential steps to keep it in good condition.

    Valeria Rossi, dermatologist

  • Summer is coming, remember to expose to the sun correctly, avoiding the middle hours of the day, apply a good sunscreen, and wear specialized tissues that protect the skin.

    Giampaolo Gavioli, Aesthetic Doctor

  • Before going to sleep, you need to remove make-up. It will boring, especially when you get tired from a night out, but you need to make a small, but worthwhile which will be very rewarding over the long term, with a fresh and glowing skin.

    Valeria Rossi, Dermatologist